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Please read the below note carefully before proceeding to the next step. The terms and conditions have been established to ensure that the content uploaded are according to our Church belief and governance.

  • 1. Only members and their family of St. Thomas Orthodox Cathedral will be allowed to contribute to this section
  • 2. Members uploading the content will have to ensure that articles, visuals, logos and all other media are not protected by copyright laws.
  • 3. Care must be taken to ensure that all postings are according to the UAE Online and Cyber Laws
    • a. Posting photographs: Care needs to be taken when posting pictures of others online, including via social media sites since the Cyber Crimes Law (Federal Law No. 5 of 2012) makes it an offence to use any IT means to breach someone else's privacy, including by taking pictures of others, or publishing or displaying those pictures.
    • b. Privacy and confidentiality: Disclosing secrets relating to someone's private life, without that person's consent can attract liability. Similarly, the disclosure of confidential information, such as information belonging to an employer, can also attract legal liability in the UAE.
    • c. Defamatory statements: The Penal Code makes it an offence to publish information that exposes another person to public hatred or contempt, or to make a false accusation which dishonours or discredits another person.
    • d. Content contrary to morality, social cohesion: It is an offence to use any IT means for activities which are inconsistent with public morals and good conduct including content that is un-Islamic, blasphemous, lewd, that encourages sinful activity, or that is aimed at corrupting minors, etc.
  • 4. In addition to the above, uploading an audio file will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of SoundCloud
  • 5. In addition to the above, uploading a video file will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of YouTube
  • 6. All contents uploaded will be reviewed by the site administrator and inappropriate content will be deleted.

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